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About the European Local Networks


Local networks are clusters of participants who come together to advance the United Nations Global Compact and its principles within a particular geographic context. They perform increasingly important roles in rooting the Global Compact within different national, cultural and language contexts, and also in helping to manage the organizational consequences of the Global Compact’s rapid expansion. Their role is to facilitate the progress of companies (both local firms and subsidiaries of foreign corporations) engaged in the UNGC with respect to implementation of the UN Global Compact Principles, while also creating opportunities for multi-stakeholder engagement and collective action. Furthermore, networks deepen the learning experience of all participants through their own activities and events and promote action in support of broader UN goals.

Local networks play an essential role in the initiative and are an integral part of the overall governance of the Global Compact. They and their annual meeting - the Local Networks Forum - comprise two of the six entities with differentiated tasks within the Global Compact’s multicentric governance framework. Company participants, including their subsidiaries, are encouraged to be involved in Local Networks.

Local network representatives come together for an annual meeting coordinated and chaired by the Global Compact Office, which is known as the Annual Local Networks Forum. The purpose of the Local Networks Forum is for Local Networks to learn from each other’s experiences in building a network, review and compare progress, identify best practices and adopt recommendations intended to enhance the effectiveness of Local Networks, including relating to governance.

Discover the latest UNGC Local Network Report, featuring statistics and case examples on network governance, activities, issues and communications from approximately 90 Local Networks around the world: United Nations Global Compact Local Network Report 2013


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