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Membership benefits:

Why join the GCNB?

This network offers a unique opportunity for organisations to engage in a worldwide sustainability platform and to make a difference locally. Thanks to the alliance with the sustainability network The Shift, members of the GCNB also benefit from shared services which can be resumed as following:

CONNECT: Join a unique and diverse Belgian network of 350 companies and non-profit organisations that share the same ambition to co-create added value for society.

COMMIT: Learn how to use the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in order to map your societal ambitions for the coming years.

CHANGE: Develop, together with our members and partners, innovative business models and societal projects to help solve the biggest challenges for our society.

In short: as a member of GCNB, you benefit from a highly diverse member network, a wide range of activities and support in the creation of structural partnerships.


How to join?

Step 1: Send the U.N. Secretary-General a Letter of Commitment to join the UN Global Compact.

Step 2: Confirm your engagement to the Global Compact on a local level by signing The Shift's Charter.

Step 3: Pay the GCNB membership fee in one of the following categories:


Small Organisation

Medium Organisation

Large Organisation

< € 10 million turnover

< € 50 million turnover

> € 50 million turnover

< € 10 million balance sheet

< € 43 million balance sheet

> € 43 million balance sheet

< € 50 employees

< 250 employees

> 250 employees

€ 500 per year

€ 1500 per year

€ 6000 per year