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Governing Principles

The governance structure of the GCNB is set up to promote greater ownership of the initiative by Belgian participants of the UN Global Compact and other stakeholders, as well as to bring together corporate social responsibility activities within a coherent organizational structure to achieve greater public-private partnerships and tangible impact.

Value Proposition

The United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) is a global call to companies around the world to align their strategies and operations with ten universally accepted principles. The Global Compact Network Belgium (GCNB) has the mission to promote and anchor the ten UNGC Principles within the Belgian national context.

The GCNB is an impactful, agenda-setting, learning and partnering network organization. Inspiring and facilitating its members to translate global issues down to the local business context and being the local partner for giving voice to global sustainability challenges.

Thereby the GCNB contributes to the development of a sustainable Belgian societal model that in turn feeds back into developing a sustainable international society.

Network Objectives

Serve as a Global Compact outreach mechanism in Belgium to engage more Belgian organizations on sustainability.

Act as a national platform for outreach and dialogue on issues related to the ten GC principles, responsible corporate citizenship and the advancement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Provide a country forum for learning and constructive exchange of sustainability practices. The Network encourages its members to develop and share case studies, contribute to peer learning by organizing events and establish discussion forums and activities organized around national and local priorities related to responsible business.

Identify critical issues related to corporate social responsibility, human rights, labour standards, climate change and environmentally responsible business practices and propose practical solutions in cooperation with other UN Global Compact Networks abroad.

To advise the Belgian companies that are Global Compact participants with the implementation of the ten principles of the Global Compact and with the preparation of their annual "Communication on Progress" report.

Work in partnership with other networks and organisations who work towards Corporate Citizenship-related or similar objectives.